NHS Discovery Proposal

The following documents summarise the NHS Discovery proposal, and the benefits of NHS Discovery in East London

Data Service Architecture

Below is a presentation summarising the core data flows between the messaging components (Resolution) and the data repository (Discovery) components.

NHS Discovery - Architecture

Service Component Summary

Some of the core features and benefits offered by the Discovery Service.

Standardised Messaging and APIs

API functionality designed to address real world challenges encountered when joining together disparate care management systems.

IG Manager

For managing sharing agreements, and citizen and professional consent.

Identity, Authentication and Authorisation Services

Support for user and system authentication, protect access to resources through centrally controlled policies.

Directory Services

Record locations, organisations and contacts.

Message Handling

A rules and permissions engine using data sharing agreements, routing and extract services, audit facilities, and pseudonymisation service.

Data Stores

Stores for patient records, analysis, personal health records, and documents.

Clinical Health Terminology

Terminology and drug knowledge services